About the Department


Department of Computational Intelligence

Basic information:

Department of Computational Intelligence (KIO, W8 / K2) was established on 1st of December 2014, in the structure of the Faculty of Computer Science and Management, Wroclaw University of Technology. Department premises are located in several buildings: D2, B4, and A1. The research and teaching staff of the Department consists of the staff of former Division of Artificial Intelligence and a part of the former Division of Information Systems – the data science group. Researchers engaged in projects are also a part of our Department. In the Department we have: two full professors (scientific title in Poland); four habilitated doctors (Doctor of Science, called habilitation, is a scientific degree in Poland); eight doctors (PhD), and a number of others, employed in the research projects; twenty two PhD students.

As a part of the Faculty of Computer Science and Management, we teach at all levels of education on Computer Science, in Polish and English languages, and we are responsible for the specialization Data Science at the second level of study (master study).

Research activity of the Department involves many areas of modern Artificial Intelligence – the intelligent methods of data analysis, methods of machine learning, computational linguistics, machine vision, soft computing and metaheuristics, medical decision support systems, ect. We are interested on solving real-life problems.