Department of Computational Intelligence – overview of teaching

Department staff are involved in education at all levels of study (Computer Science area). On the first stage the Department runs a course „Artificial Intelligence and Engineering of Knowledge”, in which students are introduced to the problems of artificial intelligence. Topics of engineering work overlap with the area of competence of the staff, however we are open to suggestions of topics coming from the students.

On the master level of education we are responsible for the Intelligent Information Systems specialization.
The courses cover area of researches conducted in the Department, i.e.:

  • Machine learning, and new trends in neural computation;
  • Soft computing, including nature inspired methods and rough sets
  • Problems and methods of knowledge discovering from data (KDD process), where we talk about new directions of research in the rapidly growing area;
  • Vision systems, including automated image annotation, image similarity and image search, problems of automatic image interpretation, some statistical machine learning methods useful in this area are also included;
  • Natural Language Engineering, including morpho-syntactic and syntactic analysis, information retrieval (also adapted to the Polish language), etc.
  • Novel applications of intelligent techniques, we want to show students the potential and practical interesting examples of applications;
  • Meet the needs of the labour market, signalled repeatedly at various meetings with representatives of companies, we have introduced the course ‚stimulation techniques of creative thinking „, where students learn and practice individual and group creative thinking methods, methods of breaking mental blocks, and acquire soft skills for cooperation in the group.

Topics of master theses are usually associated with research conducted by the staff of the Department. We are open to suggestions of topics of master theses proposed by students according to their interests.
Undergraduate and graduate students are welcome to study and scientific cooperation! It would be nice to include our students into our research, also in the realization of research projects.